The virtues of the diamond

We all know the diamond; it is a valuable mineral which for generations was considered a desirable gemstone and has a leading position in the world of jewelry. Diamonds are a symbol of prestige and it is commonly used in wedding rings. But what are the virtues of the diamond, that gives him a special status, far above other jewels?


First of all, from the Jewish perspective, by the book of Exodus, the diamond is one of the breastplate stones. The breastplate stones were embedded into the rest of the high priest, and each of the stones represented one of the tribes of Israel; the diamond was identified with the tribe of Zebulun. At that time, the polishing technology wasn’t invented yet, and the diamonds were very different from the diamonds we now see in jewelry stores; but the strength of the virtues of the diamonds and their powers were already known in ancient times. Even in ancient times, the diamond was considered a strong natural resource, rare and therefore very expensive and a symbol of wealth.


Diamonds were discovered in very ancient times, there is evidence that already in the ninth century AD Indian diamonds were distributed all over the world, but the diamonds were known long before. Due to the vast uniqueness of diamonds, different cultures attributed special significance and even magical powers to them. It is not taken for granted because at that time there were no means of cutting diamonds. The ancient Egyptians saw the diamonds as a representative of the sun, a symbol of strength, courage and truth; they placed the diamond on the Ankh (an ancient Egyptian symbol that looks like a cross with a loop in its head). Greeks and Romans believed that the diamonds are the tears of the gods, and attributed to them special virtues and powers.


It was much later, in 15th century Venice, when the polishing technology was invented and we discovered the wonderful beauty of the polished diamonds, which only enhanced its value. Today, the diamond, along with industrial uses, is used in the jewelry industry to create extremely significant jewelry that distinguishes from any other jewel and make the diamond jewelry the preferred choice in the market.


The strength and stance of the diamond made it the preferred stone for wedding rings, in the hope that the diamond will symbolize the eternal relationship of a couple of lovers; the beauty of the polished diamond is a symbol of the beauty of the marital relationship. Alongside other jewelry, diamonds are passed down from generation to generation in the family and are considered valuable objects. Diamonds are not impaired over time; they retain the same look and features and of course retain their value. Diamonds are not only a beautiful gift but also an investment that preserves its value for generations

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