The Pink Star Diamond

The Pink Star is a fancy vivid pink diamond that weighs 59.6 carats. It’s sliced in a brilliant oval form. Maybe you’ve heard about the “Pink Star,” because of the fact it’s owned by the Israeli/American business man Issac Wolf who bought this diamond for $83 million. It’s a bargain price for Wolf, who estimated this diamond’s value at $150 million.

As opposed to diamonds that have a history of hundreds of years, this diamond is relatively new. It was found in 1994 in one of De Beers’ mines in South Africa. When this diamond was found, its gross weight was 132.5 carats. It’s the biggest diamond ever that categorized as “fancy vivid pink.”

Steinmetz Group bought the gross diamond and this group cut this diamond to its final form. This process lasted 20 months. Steinmetz Group, who have bought the diamond, are considered as one of the best cutting companies in the world and were involved in the cut of other famous diamonds, like “Millennium Star” and “”Heart of Eternity”, two diamonds that have been cut from a diamond of 777 carats that found in Zaire in the 90’s. But this is another story.

The target in the cut of the diamond was to maximize the quality and not the amount. The rarity and the value of this diamond required Steinmetz Group to take all precautions. The cut process, which lasted 20 months, has been done by a staff of 8 peoples. It’s told that they’ve used in 50 models of the diamond before they’ve cut the real one. In order to get the integrity, they wanted, they’ve used 55% of the weight of the original diamond.

After 20 months of work, they presented this diamond on May 29, 2003, in a public event took place in Monaco. During the event, the supermodel Helena Christensen has been wearing the diamond. The same year, the diamond has been presented also in diamonds exhibition that organized by Smithsonian Museums in Washington. The actress Jenna Elfman has been wearing this diamond in this event. The diamond presented next to other famous diamond like the “Millennium Star,” “Pumpkin Diamond” and “Moussaief Red.” In 2005, still by the ownership of Steinmetz, the diamond presented in an exhibition in London, again next to famous diamonds.

For the whole term, since it’s been found, this diamond owned by Steinmetz Group, until they’ve sold this diamond to an anonymous buyer in 2007. The anonymous buyer changed diamond’s name to “The Pink Star.” The diamond owned by the anonymous buyer until he authorized Sotheby’s to sell it for him. Then the diamond sold in an auction that took place in Geneva in November 2013, to Issac Wolf who currently owns the “Pink Star.”

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