The four criteria of the diamonds (The 4 C’s)

When approaching a store to buy diamonds or jewelry containing diamonds, you notice that there are different prices for diamonds.But what really affects the price, why some diamonds that look more or less the same size, has a price difference. In fact, four criteria affect the price of diamonds, and it is important to know them when approaching to purchase diamonds. These are the four most basic characteristics that a diamond has. Just like when you buy another product, such as a computer and you check its characteristics (memory, processor, speed…) you also check the basic characteristics of diamonds you intend to buy.

The four criteria are Carat (weight), Color, Clarity, and Cut. It is important to clarify that the four criteria that determine the value of a diamond are global standard accepted and known by anyone that deals with diamonds. Let’s elaborate on each of them:
• Carat
• Color
• Clarity
• Cut

Highlights for determining the value of a diamond:

The final value of a diamond is set by four criteria- Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut.

The weight of the diamond is measured via special weights, with an accuracy of one thousandth of a carat.

The diamond’s color is examined using master stones, placing them next to the diamonds on a white background.

The clarity of the diamond is determined by a magnifying glass for diamonds, with ten times magnification.

The symmetry of the diamond is examined using a special machine and software for diamonds.

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