Taylor Barton Diamond

Taylor Barton diamond named after the actor, Richard Barton who bought it with his wife at this time, Elizabeth Taylor, in 1969. Taylor starred in many movies at this time, and maybe some of you remember him from the movie “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold” and many other classics.

The origin of Taylor Barton Diamond starts in Africa in 1966, when it’s discovered in Premier Mine. The gross diamond weighed 241 carats. The diamond was cut by Harry Winston to a form of a pear and weighed 69.42 carats. The diamond assigned in a diamond ring bought by Harit Enenberg but she didn’t need it anymore and made it available for sale. She told that she was afraid to remove the gloves and walk in New York with the diamond because New York of this days was not safe for expensive diamonds. The diamond was put up for auction, but before the auction started, Elizabeth Taylor was interested in the diamond and the diamond flown to Switzerland especially for her and then flown back to the auction in New York. The auction started at $200,000 and all presents in the room wanted to buy the diamond. Between the presents, there were the representatives of Sultan Burnay, Harry Winston and the Greek billionaire Onassis. The price quickly raised to $650,000. In this level, almost everyone retired except two peoples who continued to bid on the diamond, and one of them was the representative of Richard Barton and Elizabeth Taylor. But when the price of the diamond passed the $1,000,000, he retired. The diamond bought by Robert Kenmore, one of the owners of the brand Cartier, at a price of $1,050,000. It was a new record for an auction of jewelry. The last record was much smaller: $305,000, 1957.

Richard Barton was in England when he got the news that the diamond bought by Cartier, and the rumors tell he took it hard. He was very agitated and insisted that his wife must own the diamond. Elizabeth Taylor just accepted that someone else bought the diamond, but Richard continued to insist that only his wife, Elizabeth, is worth to own this diamond. Barton expressed willingness to buy the diamond and instructed his peoples to buy this diamond at any price. Shortly after it, the peoples of Barton successfully bought the diamond for $1.1 million and its name changed to Taylor Barton Diamond.

Kenmore’s business sense brought him to reach an agreement with Barton. According to this agreement, the diamond will be presented in the store of Cartier in New York and Chicago for a lot of visitors, before it will be transferred to Richard Barton ownership. In November 1969 the diamond given to Richard Barton and Elizabeth Taylor in Monaco, with the help of armed security guards. The diamond that was assigned in the ring was assigned to a pendant (because of Taylor’s request) before it was flown to Monaco.

In 1978, Elizabeth Taylor put this diamond to sell in order to raise money for a campaign of the hospital building in Africa. The diamond sold to Henry Lambert for a price estimated at $5 million. After a single year, Lambert sold the diamond to Robert Mohawed, who probably owns the diamond today.


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