• Классическое помолвочное кольцо c бриллиантом в центре и боковыми бриллиантами
  • Помолвочное кольцо c бриллиантом

Эксклюзивное помолвочное кольцо с бриллиантом


Боковые камни идут по возрастающей на нежном помолвочном кольце Эмма, делая акцент на крупный центральный камень. Белое золото весом – 1,8 грамма. Камень в центре имеет круглую форму, вес – 0,20 карат. Благодаря своему цвету-H и чистоте -SI2, бриллиант выглядит исключительно среди 10 боковых бриллиантов на белом золоте.

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Эксклюзивное помолвочное кольцо с бриллиантом



•Драгоценный камень: Натуральный бриллиант
•Вес золота: 1,8 граммов
•Твердость: 10 баллов (самая высокая по шкале)

Центральный камень:
•Форма: Круг
•Вес: 0,20 граммов
•Цвет: H
•Чистота: SI2
•Огранка: Очень хорошо
•Уровень огранки: Очень хорошо – Отлично
•Степень полировки: Очень хорошо – Отлично

Боковые камни:
•Форма: Круг
•Кол-во бриллиантов: 10
•Вес: 0,12 граммов
•Чистота:  SI1-SI2  – небольшие вкрапления
•Уровень огранки: Очень хорошо – Отлично
•Цвет: G-H почти бесцветный
•Степень полировки: Очень хорошо – Отлично

*We only deal in conflict-free diamonds and proudly adhere to the standards established by the United Nations (UN) through the Kimberley Process.

Read more about conflict diamonds:

• 14k Solid Gold (yellow, white or rose)
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• US size 4 through 10 (also available in half sizes)
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Click here to read about the four criteria (4c’s) of the diamond.
Why Us?

With ‘Fine Brilliant’, there are no brokerage fees, whatsoever. ‘Fine Brilliant’ buys the rough diamond directly from the mine owners, and polishes it in its own factories. As soon as the diamond’s ready and in perfect shape, we upload it to our online shop for sale and put it on display at our office in the Israeli Diamond Exchange (IDEX), in Ramat Gan.
Our customers have been benefiting for years a huge saving and attractive prices, by avoiding any of these brokerage fees, thanks to our full ownership of all the stages in this value chain: from the moment the rough diamond leaves the mine’s gates, through the polishing process, and until the diamond ring is worn on our customer’s finger, providing them a shopping experience with a reasonable and sane price tag, that fits almost any budget.
Moreover, ‘Fine Brilliant’ has set its rules, from the day of its foundation, more than 50 years ago, to be the best in customer service. In addition, as we are very confident in the quality of our products, we provide all of our diamonds an uncompromising and unconditional warranty, making sure that you buy with confidence and be fully satisfied, not only with the diamond, but also with the price and service.
Contact us today and we will be happy to introduce you to our rich and unique selection of diamonds and custom jewelry, which can be yours as well, and match your exact taste and pocket. It will be our pleasure to advise you and guide you throughout the entire purchasing process and help you with any of your doubts. It would definitely be delightful to see the big smile on your face, the moment you get the final product and we are absolutely positive that your new jewelry will serve you long after your wore it for the first time.

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About Us

‘Fine Brilliant’ designs and produces a wide variety of affordable gold jewelry set, with diamonds and gemstones. This virtual store also aims to bring to a wider audience the opportunity to find diamonds and jewelry in the choice that suits their pockets and personal taste. We hope that in addition to the variety of quality products presented in this website, you will also find here helpful and comprehensive source of information, with independent articles that will answer many of your questions.
In its early days, the company operated a diamond production factory, with over 100 cutters, who worked on creating a unique and extraordinary diamonds and jewelry, known to this day in their impressive and uncompromising design, putting a particular emphasis on innovation and maintaining the highest standards, while constantly adopting new top technologies and advanced production methods.

Today, ‘Fine Brilliant’ manufactures its jewelry and diamonds in Europe and Israel. Its headquarter is located at the famous Israel Diamond Exchange, in Ramat Gan, and its portfolio offers a large selection of polished diamonds of any type. Each jewelry arrives with a gemological certificate, a photograph and a list of its unique characteristics, to provide its customers a commercial fairness, full transparency and an absolute ‘Buy with Confidence’ experience.

For any other inquiry, we will be more than happy to assist you, either by email or phone, at no cost and without obligation.

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For your knowledge

Guide to buy engagement ring
There are very important and significant events in a man’s life, which are customarily celebrated in grand festivities, luxury meals at events halls and mostly, by buying a ring. Maybe the most important and significant event that is usually marked with putting on a ring is the wedding ceremony, but in many countries in the world it is customary that the engagement ceremony, which precedes it, is also marked by putting on a ring (which is different than the wedding ring by shape and by the stones embedded in it.
What is the difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring? How to choose an engagement ring? What do we need to know when choosing an engagement ring? What are the characteristics that determine the price of a diamond?

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The four criteria of the diamonds
When approaching a store to buy diamonds or jewelry containing diamonds, you notice that there are different prices for diamonds. But what really affects the price, why some diamonds that look more or less the same size, has a price difference. In fact, there are four criteria that affect the price of diamonds, and it is important to know them when approaching to purchase diamonds. These are the four most basic characteristics that a diamond has. Just like when you buy another product, such as a computer and you check its characteristics (memory, processor, speed…) you also check the basic characteristics of diamonds you intend to buy.
The four criteria are Carat (weight), Color, Clarity, and Cut. It is important to clarify that the four criteria that determine the value of a diamond are global standard accepted and known by anyone that deals with diamonds.

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How to find diamonds in nature
Diamonds are created deep inside the earth, in the earth’s mantle, in the depth of 150 kilometers and more. If so, the question is how do we find them and how do we reach them? Actually, it is more accurate to say that they come to us, not us to them. We do not have the option to reach the depths, at which diamonds are created, and volcanic activities are the ones that bring kimberlite rocks with diamond inside of them to the surface of the earth and to its crust.
Finding diamonds is based upon finding kimberlite rocks, which are evidence to the geological activity that is necessary for the presence of diamonds. Not every kimberlite rock has diamonds in it, but it is the only way for diamonds to get from the earth’s mantle to its crust, which is available to us. A geological exploration is actually carried out in order to find the kimberlite pipes, in which the diamonds will be searched at. Diamonds can also be found in lamproite rocks, but there is only one mine that produces diamonds out of lamproite rocks, and it is in Australia. Diamond mining isn’t cheap, and is important to check the viability, taking into account the mining potential and its costs.
Diamond mining is focused in kimberlite pipes, those are vertical pipes that as deep as 150 to 400 kilometers, popping out from the earth’s mantle from its crust. Kimberlite pipes are the result of ancient volcanic activities. They have the shape of a carrot, a narrow base that expands as you go up the pipe.

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