Lucara diamond

In a press release written by Lucara Diamonds Company on 18 November 2015, they announced the discovery of a diamond in weight of 1,111 carats. They’ve also attached some photos reveals the beauty of the diamond, which is in level IIA.

The wonderful stone found in Karowe Mine in Botswana, and it’s the second biggest diamond ever discovered. The stone (65x56x40 mm) discovered by using modern equipment that installed in Karowe Mine. According to William Lamb, company’s president: “This historic discovery placed Lucara Diamonds and its mine in Botswana in the special list of unusual diamond producers.”

This diamond is the biggest diamond discovered in the last 100 years and the fact this diamond is listed in IIA category, which only 2% of the world’s diamonds listed in, makes it very rare and expensive diamond. Right now, the stone makes much interest and the company got many offers. It’s still early to estimate the stone’s value; it is needed to send this rock to a lab in Antwerpen in order to do it. Until now, the Canadian company that owns the diamond refusing to speak about its value. Apparently, as commonly practiced in the industry, the stone will be auctioned after it’ll be ready.

Maybe this diamond doesn’t have an exotic name, and it’s not accompanied by mystery like other diamonds owned by monarchies and aristocrats, but it’s really wanted a diamond and it gets many international interests. The announcement about the find of the diamond in Botswana gave a boost to the value of the stock of Lucara Diamonds, and their value rose by 30% in 2 days.

The price assessment of a diamond of this type is a complicated operation. It’s likely that it will take few years until this diamond will be auctioned, like what happened with The Centenary Diamond. Firstly, it must pass the labs examinations in order to analyze the diamond really, and decide about the cutting form of the diamond. It’s an artist job that made by world-class cutting experts. Until now, Lucara Diamonds didn’t release any other information about the subject, and it’s unknown who’ll lead the cutting process.

When we speak about a diamond of this type, even we still don’t know what will be its weight after the cutting and polishing, there’s no doubt that this diamond will be very expensive. Naturally, when a diamond is getting closer to a really expensive price, the potential customer’s list is also getting smaller and it’s very hard to estimate how much people will be ready to pay for this diamond.


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