Jacob diamond

The story of Jacob diamond, that sometimes-called Victoria Diamond or The Big White Diamond is starting in Africa like many other diamonds. The diamond discovered in 1884 in weight of 457.5 carats. In this period, it was the second biggest diamond in the world. The biggest diamond, in 1884, was a diamond discovered in 1650 in weight of 787 carats and called “The Great Mogul.”

Like many other diamonds, Jacob Diamond’s way to Great Britain is really a mystery. Everybody knew that this diamond found in South Africa, but they didn’t know the exact mine. There are many reasons for those who discovered this diamond to keep this saga in secret. Maybe it was in order to avoid tax payment, or cover on illegal actions that are related to the discovery of the diamond. There’s a version tell that the diamond discovered in Gagraspauntin Mine and then smuggled by a worker or some workers who sold this diamond to an anonymous buyer, then this diamond taken by an English person called Ellenberg, who sent it to The Diamonds Market in London.

Another version tells about Dutchman who discovered the diamond on his farm, but he kept it as secret because he scared many diamond seekers will break his farm. Then he decided to trust the person called Ellenberg, who mentioned in the last version.

But the origin of Jacob Diamond has even a third version: The diamond smuggled by the guard in Kimberly Mine. According to this version, he sold it to merchants, who sold it to another merchant who took it to London.

At the end, when the diamond arrived in London it was a sensation. It sold in £45,000, which paid in cash. The syndicate had to decide about the future of the diamond, i.e. if to polish it to a small number of stones, or to create a large and expensive diamond. At the end, they decided to polish it to one large diamond. I can only say that the piece removed became a diamond in weight of 17 carats which sold to Portugal King. The form of the polish was a form of a pillow with 58 wigs and in weight of 184.5 carats. The diamond has perfect color and cleanliness, and fluorescent that gave it a blue lighting.

After the polish work completed, the owner started to look for a new buyer and he asked for £300,000. They got an offer from a merchant called Alexander Jacob, who told them that the Indian mogul Mahbub Ali Kahn want to buy that diamond. The mogul who is known as “Nazim VI” paid a deposit of £150,000 and Jacob went to Great Britain in order to get this diamond.

Later, India government bought this diamond and this diamond currently is in a collect in Mumbai.


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