Heart of Eternity Diamond

Heart of Eternity, this is the name given to this diamond by Steinmetz Group, its previous owners. Maybe this group sounds familiar to you as they already owned the Pink Star diamond and other popular diamonds. Heart of Eternity is a very rare blue diamond weighs 27.64 carats. Heart of Eternity categorized in “Fancy Vivid Blue” category and ranked VS2. The diamond polished to heart form by the best polishers of Steinmetz Group. The diamond introduced to the public, next to other important diamonds, in an event held shortly before the end of the millennium. The diamond also was present in another important event, Millennium exhibition; an exhibition took place at the Millennium Dome in London, and many other popular diamonds were present in this exhibition, like Millennium Diamond. The name of the diamond, Heart of Eternity, expresses its form and the eternity of the diamonds that survive on earth billions of years.

This diamond is the 6th largest diamond in the world. This is a very rare diamond that created because of the presence of the Boron element in the formation phase of the diamond. The diamond is categorized in Ilb group, which is a group of diamonds without nitrogen. Blue diamonds are discovered in Golkonda Mine in India but also in Premier Mine in South Africa, which is considered to the main origin of this diamond. In average, only one blue diamond discovered every year, and this diamond has large & significant weight.

Like other blue diamonds, this diamond discovered in Premier Mine in South Africa during the 90’s and then bought by Steinmetz Group. Exact information on the gross weight of the diamond weren’t posted, we only know its final weight. The diamond polished by experts’ staff who worked in this time on other projects of blue diamonds.

The diamond introduced to the public next to other 11 diamonds, including the Millennium Diamond, in a special event held in October 1990 in London. It was a sparkling event and the all directors of De Beers and Steinmetz Group were present. The person who presented the diamond was Nicki Offenheimer, De Beers’ diamond. Another person who was present in this event was Sophie Marceau, Bond Girl at this time. Later, the diamond presented in the Millennium Dome, open to the public exhibition, during a year. 12 million peoples came to see the diamond in this year. During the exhibition, some peoples tried to steal the diamond, but they failed.

The diamond value estimated at this time (2007) in $16 million, but because of a sale of another blue diamond in Sotheby’s event, for an amount of $1.32 million for every CT, the Heart of Eternity diamond re-estimated in a value of $30 million. The last time Heart of Eternity diamond presented to the public was in an exhibition organized by Smithsonian Museum in 2003. The diamond presented next to other popular diamonds and it was announced that the diamond loaned by its private owner, who stayed anonymous. It’s unknown who the owner is and how much he paid on the diamond, but it’s estimated that the diamond bought during the Millennium Exhibition in 2000.


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