Fancy Diamonds

Not all diamonds are white, some diamonds are colored in pink, red, green and other colors, some of them are rare, and some are very rare. Fancy diamonds is the name for special, naturally colored and rare diamonds. Through history, some famous fancy diamonds were discovered, like the blue “Hope Diamond,” which came from India to Europe, and today is exhibited in the Smithsonian museum, the green “Dresden Diamond”, and much more.

Fancy diamonds actually occupy only 1% of the world’s diamond market, and their amount is getting lower and lower. The process of creation of fancy diamonds is identical to the creation of regular diamonds, except there is a chemical element that affects the diamond and gives it its color. For example, when nitrogen penetrates the atoms of the diamond, it gives them a yellow color, alternatively, when boron penetrates the atoms of the diamond, it receives a blue color, and the amount of pressure that operates on the diamond on its creation is responsible for the pink color. Therefore, these diamonds are very desirable throughout the world, and you can find them in the possession of famous jewelry collectors.

The history of rating fancy diamonds probably started in the 6th century in India. At the time, jewelries were used as a symbol of status, accordingly with the “cassette” system that is used in India until today. The white stones, which were considered the purest, were preserved for the high society, and yellow or black stones for the people with the lower status, kings, on the other hand, could hold in their possession any stone they wanted. At the time, the color rating system was based on known metaphors, like “the color of a rabbit’s eye,” today there are more sophisticated rating systems.

You probably know the color rating system that assigns the stones letters from D to Z, that rates diamonds that are colorless or have a yellowish complexion. When speaking of fancy diamonds, the rating is completely different, and they have different rating methods. When a diamond has an actual color and not just a yellowish complexion, it is sorted into the fancy diamonds category and its special rating system. Specialists in laboratories do the rating of these diamonds, and diamonds are rated by 6 levels: Light Fancy, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid. The Fancy Light is considered the cheapest, and Fancy Vivid is considered the most valuable. In cases of very rare colored diamonds like red, green and blue, there are three more levels of rating: Faint, Very Light and Light. Its color, shade, and durability are tested.

The reason for the high prices of the colorful diamonds is their rarity. Fancy diamonds are rare diamonds and even between the fancy diamonds there are diamonds that are rarer and diamonds that are commoner, like the pink, green, red, purple or blue diamonds which are considered very rare, and therefore very expensive, as opposed to brown diamonds, which are considered commoner and therefore less valuable. The rarest diamond is the red diamond, and its value reaches tens of millions of dollars. From all the diamond dealers, few are the ones who deal with fancy diamonds.

The source of the colors is in the conditions at the time of the creation of the diamond, and the presence of certain minerals at the moment of the creation. These minerals, which were there at the creation of the diamond, can also be the cause of different flaws in the diamonds. From this, you can understand that clear fancy diamonds are rare. Sometimes you can even see a combination of two colors like yellowish-orange or greenish –yellow, and sometimes you can even see combinations of three colors, like grayish-yellow-brown or yellowish-greenish-yellow and others.

A short explanation of the colors and their sources:

Fancy pink diamonds:

Fancy pink diamonds, sourced mainly from the mines in Australia, are the most popular as a jewel for a ring, many celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, wear these diamonds.

Blue diamonds:

Fancy blue diamonds are rare throughout the world, and you can see the most famous blue diamond in the movie “Titanic.” Usually, these diamonds are rated in combinations with shades of black, gray or green; these shades are created from the presence of minerals that penetrated the diamond throughout the years.

Yellow diamonds:

Yellow diamonds are also known by their nickname, “the canary diamonds,” named after the yellow singing bird; contain shades of green, orange or brown.

Black diamonds:

These diamonds are different from other diamonds due to their pure color, and because of that, the popularity around them has grown over the years.

Red diamonds:

Fancy red diamonds are the rarest in the world. It’s almost impossible to find fancy red diamonds without shades, so their prices are sky-high. The shades added to red diamonds: purple and brown.

Brown diamonds:

Fancy brown diamonds are lower in price compared to other colors, although their popularity has increased in the last few years.After rebranding, these diamonds were attributed the nickname “Champagne Diamonds” and “Cognac Diamonds,” which increased their popularity and their price.

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