Eureka Diamond

Maybe there are bigger and more expensive diamonds than Eureka diamond, but this diamond still has a place in the history book of the diamonds world if a diamond weighs 10.73 carats, with a cut form of a brilliant pillow. Eureka Diamond is presented on this day in a museum in the city of Kimberly in South Africa.

Eureka Diamond was a symbol of the start of the mining industry in South Africa, but it was discovered in a totally accidental way. A young man called Erasmus Jacobs found it at the area of his father’s farm. He didn’t know that it’s a diamond, but he clearly saw that the gem shines specially and he decided to take it to his home. The gem used for games in Jacobs’ home, until Jacobs’ mother recognized that it’s not a regular gem. She told it to their neighbor, Shalk Van Nijkrek, who was interested in special gems. Van Nijkrek expressed interest in the gem and wanted to buy it. Jacobs’ mother didn’t pay importance to the gem, and she gave it as a gift to her neighbor. The neighbor showed the gem to another person until the gem sent to a check of gems expert, who decided that it’s a rough diamond weighs 21.25 carats.

Eureka Diamond presented in an exhibition in Paris in 1867, when the diamond already passed polish and cut processes. It was a ‘brilliant’ diamond, with Amber color. The speculation about the finding of a diamond weighs 21.25 carats caused to a lot of peoples to run and look for diamonds. And when a diamond weighs 8.9 carats found, it was the start of the Diamond rush in South Africa, and it was the start of the diamonds industry in this country. Some historians claim when the diamond presented in Paris it was a glass replica and the real diamond sent to England queen who wanted to check it. At the end, the diamond bought by the governor of Cape Colony who took it to Great Britain. In 1946 the diamond again put up to auction, this time – in London, when the diamond was assigned to a bracelet. The diamond sold for £5,700 to a buyer who owned it until 1967. At the same year, the diamond bought by De Beers who gave it as a return to South Africa peoples. The diamond presented in a museum at the city of Kimberly and the diamond is there until today.

Maybe it’s an expensive diamond, but relatively it’s a very small diamond if we compare it to other diamonds entered the hall of fame of diamonds. The importance of the diamond is historic, thanks to its accidental discovery that started the huge diamonds industry of South Africa.


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