Cullinan Diamond


Cullinan Diamond is a diamond that discovered by accident, a surprising fact considering that this is the largest diamond ever discovered. It was discovered on January 26, 1905, in a weight record of 3,106 carats. The diamond discovered by Friedrich Wells in Premier Mine that started to be active only three years before.Friedrich Wells was one of the managers of Premier Mine. He discovered the diamond during a normal patrol in the mine. It happened at the end of the day when he patrolled in the mine and suddenly saw something shiny in front of him. It was in depth of 6 meters underground. He didn’t waste time and rescued the crystal from the rock. After that, the diamond called “Cullinan Diamond,” the name of the company president.Cullinan diamond was deeply examined before the cut process has started. One of the peoples who checked the diamond was William Crocks who admired the high level of cleanliness, but also saw a little black spot in the center. On February 10, 1908, the cut process has started. First of all, the diamond was split in two and then the diamond was split to few more pieces. Cullinan diamond was cut and polished to a lot of other diamonds in Amsterdam. Totally, 9 large diamonds that entered the hall of fame produced from this diamond, and other 100 small diamonds. Cullinan diamond was, and still, the largest diamond ever discovered.The diamond bought by South Africa government and given as a gift to England king. The British Royal Family owns all Cullinan diamonds. The 9 main diamonds that produced from this diamonds are:Cullinan 1 – also called “The Greater Star of Africa.” It’s the largest diamond that produced from the gross Cullinan diamond. This diamond has a form of a pear, and it weighs 530.2 carats. This diamond was the most polished diamond nearly to 80 years until the Golden Jubilee has been discovered. The diamond assigned to St Edward’s Sceptre. The scepter created especially for the coronation of Charles II in 1661, and the additional diamond assigned to this scepter 200 years later.Cullinan 2 – also called “The Lesser Star of Africa.” It’s the 2nd largest diamond that produced from the original diamond. It has a form of pillow and weight of 317.4 carats. This diamond assigned at the top of the Royal Empire Crown that used in the coronations of England kings.Cullinan 3 & 4 – Cullinan 3 is a diamond with a form of a pear, weighs 94.4 carats. Cullinan 4 is a diamond with a form of a pillow, weighs 63.6 carats. The two diamonds first assigned in the crown used by Queen Mary in the coronation of 1911. After the coronation, the diamonds removed from the crown and replaced in Quartz replica in order that the two diamonds will both assigned in a pendant. Today, those diamonds are owned by Queen Elizabeth II, who seen with them in the Jubilee celebrations of 2012.
The other diamonds that polished from the original Cullinan diamond are also in the ownership of the Royal British Family. We’ll quickly remind Cullinan 5 diamond that has a form of triangle, and weighs 18.8 carats; Cullinan 6 that has a form of marquis and a weight of 11.5 carats; Cullinan 7 that’s also in the form of marquis and weight of 8.8 carats; Cullinan 8 in an emerald cut, and weight of 6.8 carats, and Cullinan 9 that’s an integration of rectangular cut with emerald, and weight of 10.5 carats.


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