Clarity Of Diamonds

The gentle work of a diamond polisher includes trying to create a flawless diamond, using the careful planning of the raw diamond’s scorer. But through everything, the diamond is a natural raw material, given to us by nature, and sometimes it has flaws in its clarity level. These flaws lower the value of the diamond. There is a table of 11 levels that grade the clarity of the diamond, and the differences between the levels are sometimes so gentle, that only diamond experts can identify them under a magnifying glass or a microscope. Those are the levels:

IF-Internally Flawless
Diamonds rated IF have no internal flaws at all.


VVS1, VVS2 – Very very small inclusions
Diamond rated VVS have small flaws, which an expert scorer that has 10 times magnification has trouble to see, and only a magnification of 30-50 via microscope can help see these tiny flaws clearly.


VS1, VS2 – Very small inclusions
Diamonds rated VS contain tiny flaws that are hard to spot (VS1) and that are easy to see (VS2) to an expert scorer when magnified by 10.


SI1, SI2, SI3 – Small inclusions Diamonds rated SI contain small but noticeable flaws, which are easy (SI1) or very easy (SI2, SI3) to spot by an expert scorer when magnified by 10.


I1, I2, I3 – Inclusions
Diamonds rated I contain flaws that are obvious to an expert scorer when magnified by 10 (I1) and sometimes can be spotted by the naked eye (I2, I3).



Highlights of the levels of clarity:

-The more the diamond is flawless the more its value is increased with every level.
-Lines on the drawing of the diamond are usually bugs (light or hard cracks, depending on their size and depth).
-The salient points are usually pixies or bubbles (pixies- dots in shades of black and white, but also in different colors).·Small points are usually pinpointed; flaws that are hard to very hard to spot at levels of VVS usually need 30-50 magnification to be seen.
-The clarity level means that the flaws can be in each stage: shape, quantity and different sizes, and so on some level there can be flaws in different orders and shapes.

*Not every flaw that is seen by the naked eye is a flaw. Sometimes it’s a reflection of a flaw.



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