Blue Moon of Josephine Diamond

The blue moon is a diamond bought by the real estate mogul Joseph Lau to his 7-years-old daughter and immediately changed its name to “The Blue Moon of JosephineWe’re speaking about the fancy diamond, with a rare size of 12.03 carats. The diamond sold in a public auction in November 2015. It’s a rare diamond, and if we take in advance that it’s a blue and fancy diamond without any dirty signs, its rare is higher sevenfold.

The diamond sold in a public auction at a very high price of 48.6 Swiss francs. The blue diamond was the highlight of the sale because it’s considered to one of the biggest blue diamonds exists. Sotheby’s estimated they would get 34-54 Swiss francs and you can imagine the stress during the auction, and the moments the price got close to its final price and many peoples started to crowd together in the auction hall. Pay attention: the diamond buyer wasn’t present at the auction hall, and he managed to buy this diamond through a price war in a telephone call of 8 minutes.

The diamond polished in the form of a pillow and it’s sold while it was placed in a ring. According to the lab checks, it’s a diamond in the level of “Fancy Vivid Blue,” which is the highest level. Who looked at this diamond surely said it reminds the color of the ocean when the sun is playing with the waves.

The origin of the name “The Blue Moon” is an astronomic symptom that called “Blue Moon” and considered to a rare symptom. Immediately after buying this diamond, the buyer changed its name to “The Blue Moon of Josephine” in order to respect his 7-years-old daughter. Pay attention that a day before the auction of “The Blue Moon” diamond, there was another auction in Kristy Auctions Hall in Geneva and a diamond pink ring sold to an anonymous buyer who changed its name to “Sweet Josephine”, what’s make sense that maybe it’s the same buyer in the two cases.

According to David Bennet, who’s one of the managers in the jewelry division of Sotheby’s, it’s a sale that broke two records – It’s the most expensive diamond in the history, and the most expensive jewelry ever bought in an auction. We’re speaking about 4.02 million Swiss francs per 1 carat.

Some information about the origin of the diamond

The origin of the diamond is in Cullinan Mine in South Africa. This diamond is cut from a raw diamond in a weight of 29.6 carats. This mine is known for its blue diamonds and other diamond discovered in this mine (“Africa Star”) that used as one of the crown jewels.

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