Black Orlov

There are many speculations about that diamond, and many people say that there’s a swear word on this diamond. This diamond stole from a temple in the city of Fonedirchi in Southern India. This diamond called “Brahama’s Eye,” because it was used as the eye of Brahama’s statue in the temple. According to the Hindi religion, Brahma is the creator of the universe; he’s eternal, endless and ubiquitous. But maybe there is a swear word on this diamond?

The Black Orlov diamond is a diamond in weight of 67.5 carats, but earlier it was a part of bigger diamond in weight of 195 carats. According to the stories, the original diamond, that wasn’t casted and polished, was one of the eyes of Brahma’s statue in the temple until it was stolen by a monk, who later got Brahma’s swear word. The more skeptical you become, the story of the diamond continues to be interesting.

Even we don’t know exactly the circumstances; we know that Brahma’s eye found its way to Russia and owned by a princess named Nadia Orlov, and this is the name origin. Historians say that there’s no evidence to an existence of a princess called Nadia in Russia, but it’s known that in 1917 a princess named Nezdna Petrovna Orlov fled to Europe and maybe this is the princess.

At the end, the diamond arrived the United States in 1932 with a European merchant called Paris, who looked for a buyer for this diamond. We don’t know so much about the identity of the seller; we just know that he found a buyer quickly and sold the diamond one week later than when he arrived the United States. A short time later, he climbed up on one of the skyscrapers of Manhattan and jumped to his death in unknown circumstances. It was the first death case linked to Black Orlov diamond.

15 years later, we get news about another event happened in Rome. It was princess Nadia who jumped to her death from a building in Rome and it’s, apparently, a suicide. At the period of her death, we know that she was married to Russian jeweler. This isn’tt the only death case in the family – one month before Nadia’s suicide, Princess Leonela also jumped to her death. What we know is that she owned the Black Orlov diamond.Some historians doubt on these stories. Apparently, we didn’t hear about any other death cases related to this diamond since 1947. Then the diamond owned by Charles Winston from New York. The diamond replaced some owners since this period. Today it’s owned by an anonymous owner.


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